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Rickard Lundin and Hans Lidgren, two top level Swedish scientists, claim a little-known physical effect describing matter's interaction with electromagnetic fields — ponderomotive Miller forces — would explain energy release and isotopic changes in LENR. Describing their theory in a paper called Nuclear Spallation and Neutron Capture Induced by Ponderomotive Wave Forcing that will be. It is so-called cold fusion, or LENR (for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). Cold fusion was made famous, or some would say infamous, by the work of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. At a press conference on March 23, 1989, Fleischmann and Pons claimed that they had detect excess heat at levels far above anything attributable to chemical processes, in experiments involving the metal palladium, loaded with hydrogen

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This site frankly lost interest in and ceased to post because of rather doubtful and disappointing progress in LENR and specifically, Rossi's bitter fallout and litigation settlement with Industrial Heat. A new year brings the fresh anticipation and prospect of key breakthroughs in LENR adoption and commercialization in 2019 This site features a library of papers on LENR, L ow E nergy N uclear R eactions, also known as Cold Fusion. (CANR, C hemically A ssisted N uclear R eactions is another term for this phenomenon.) The library includes more than 1,900 original scientific papers reprinted with permission from the authors and publishers Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr He states here that the whole theoretical hypothesis has changed, and is apparently guiding the development of improved working systems quite well. Maybe the 'revolutionary peaks' he describes were insights or breakthroughs that opened a new door of understanding, and perhaps LENR is not what at first appearance what it appeared to be

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Welcome to LENR Plans! LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) offers clean, inexpensive, virtually limitless energy. LENR may very well be the most important discovery since fire. This site is for all those who want to build their own LENR device using the cooperative wisdom of the masses In China, the research on LENR is still at the beginning stage. China is still holding back to see whether the international LENR field will have a breakthrough. China's attitude towards LENR is to wait until there is a reliable message indicating that there has been a real breakthrough in this field

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The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, a respected and cautious effort to develop a repeatable unambiguous demonstration of a new source of energy production formerly called cold fusion and now most widely known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions has posted a cryptic teaser on their site This scientific circle still does experiments and reports its results in its own meetings and journals, though it has shed the cold fusion name for low-energy nuclear reactions, or LENR Try Brilliant's Daily Problems and get 20% off if you go to http://www.brilliant.org/answerswithjoeNuclear Fusion is the holy grail of energy, and getting cl.. The first, and obvious, perception of the LENR breakthrough is that in one massive transformation the US dependence on foreign oil supplies is solved, the unstoppable release of CO2 and other gasses into the atmosphere is brought well within safe limits, the financial doldrums affecting the US and world markets is alleviated by the many new manufacturing and social possibilities made viable by. New Energy Times also maintains a separate LENR Reference Site, consisting of more than 1,000 Web pages of LENR resources, including basic information, scientific references, investigation reports, historical references, and archives. Visit the Reference Site. Hacking the Atom. Hacking the Atom

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  1. Dan Winter said something in his Global Breakthrough Energy Movement 2019 presentation that may resonate with people interested in LENR.Here he is saying som..
  2. ations, of which a small part was discussed yesterday on And now for something completely different. Bob then did something rare enough to be remarkable
  3. Lattice Confinement Fusion NASA Detects Lattice Confinement Fusion. A team of NASA researchers seeking a new energy source for deep-space exploration missions, recently revealed a method for triggering nuclear fusion in the space between the atoms of a metal solid
  4. LENR, QUANTUM COMPUTERS, CRYPTOLOGY, NON-ARCHIMEDEAN PHYSICS | This is a whole. My theory about non-Archimedean physics offers many potential breakthroughs

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Mills is mostly well known to us because many of us think he has been doing LENR all the time (that requires also to acknowledge that LENR is a broad phenomena without a clear cut theoretical support). Some of us think Mills theory is an improvement, but still far from being able to explain LENR 2. They DO know about LENR breakthroughs, but will let nature and capitalism run it's course for the good of humanity. After all, they stand to make even more money because they have the capital to take advantage of the opportunities the fledgling industry presents. 3 The Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) could help at large scale very quickly. In 1989 Pons and Fleischmann provided an initial glimpse of an unexpected and poorly understood reaction dubbed cold fusion, which makes lots of heat and very little radiation In the conspiracists' view, just as the mainstream media have conspired to withhold the truth about what really happened on 9/11, to stay silent about the fact that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged, to not cover the fact that millions of people voted illegally in 2016, so have the mainstream scientific journals conspired not to publish any of the breakthroughs in cold fusion and LENR

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Hopefully this will lead to a major ecat research effort at Uppsala Unversity and lead to new breakthroughs in the field. New energy technologies are urgently needed now given threats like global warming. It's also good to see ecat and LENR getting some major press coverage, Aftenposten is described as the largest daily newspaper in Norway For me the Cold Fusion/LENR effect is an experimental reality. I have studied some of the 500 - 1000 articles published in the field since 1989. We can already say that we have discovered so much enormous energy that this source within 5-10 years will transform all energy. But it will take time before the world understands it Zabrina Johal General Atomics 858-455-4004 Zabrina.Johal@ga.co Despite all the alarm and warnings about fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions, the scientific establishment has systematically blocked the publication of science papers and the dissemination of knowledge about cold fusion, also known as Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). LENR describes a phenomenon that has been replicated in hundreds of laboratories around the world, including [

LENR researchers have found themselves in the unsought role of the Sisyphus of science when it comes to public opinion. The breakthroughs and progress made by the initial researchers stood no chance (in a public relations sense) against the onslaught of attacks on a nascent science Many breakthroughs and submission to Underwriters Laboratories for approval. In a landmark interview, Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat (cold fusion energy catalyzer), announced many breakthroughs in the development of his technology, answered a wide range of questions, and shared many details regarding the upcoming ten kilowatt heat unit for home use The New Fire Arrives This site will primarily be addressing what is currently happening with Cold Fusion, LENR, the E-Cat and many other new energy breakthroughsSo stay tuned Cold Fusion LENR 'Befuddlement?' at NASA 2014 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Repeating Integrate , applying the common denominator, the quantity C (taking the next step beyond Nassim Haramein's Space connection Matter is a vibration in the structure of space as all atoms are made of 99.999999% space and all atoms in the universe are connected by space itself Their technical breakthroughs must be legally protected for LENR to enter the marketplace quickly. Our government is currently mandating and subsidizing all the faddish, symbolic gesture renewable energy schemes that can never work effectively and cheaply enough to replace fossil fuels, while blacklisting the energy source than can replace all fossil fuels at a fraction of the cost

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It is the same thing they would say about high temperature superconductivity, or breakthroughs from the human genome project. Question 8: 33% say the nation should support cold fusion research, 12% say no, and 47% favor and wait-and-see attitude LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) Diskutera fysik, kemi, biologi, samt direkta tillämpningar såsom teknik och medicin. 1150 inlägg Sida 16 av 77. Hoppa till sida Going further into it looks like they are leaning towards Chinese breakthroughs in new ways of low energy energy sources. Airbus workshop. TheAmazingYeti. posted on Aug, 20 2015 @ 10:49 PM link . a reply to: Blackfinger (LENR) in a hydrogen-loaded nickel wire

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NASA Detects Lattice Confinement Fusion. A team of NASA researchers seeking a new energy source for deep-space exploration missions, recently revealed a method for triggering nuclear fusion in the space between the atoms of a metal solid. Their research was published in two peer-reviewed papers in the top journal in the field, Physical Review C. Does not name cold fusion or LENR at its web page Bill Gates: Breakthroughs in energy technologies could reduce air pollution, help people escape poverty, and avoid the worst effects of climate change. We don't yet know which ones will succeed

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Maria Zuber on climate change: Breakthroughs will happen MIT's vice president for research identifies three areas that show particular promise for climate action. April 22, 2020. Read full story by Colm Gorey. Keeping a lid on nuclear fusion's enormous power may be one step closer following the discovery of a new radio frequency process. For decades now, scientists have attempted to. At Breakthrough Energy, we're helping the world get to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions while making sure everyone has access to the clean, affordable, and reliable energy they need to thrive. How to Avoid A Climate Disaster. Read more from Bill on what we need to do to address climate today

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  1. Clean coal technologies are required to continue improving energy efficiency and to meet increasingly stringent environmental challenges and expectations, especially in the areas of mercury control and carbon capture and storage, while continuing to reduce emissions of SO2 and NOx. A key objective of the program is the development of a zero.
  2. ority of a few hundred persistent scientists from about 10 countries have been carrying forward the flag of cold fusion for the past two decades. The site www.lenr.org catalogs over 2000 scientific papers that chronicle evidence for th
  3. Low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) In March 1989, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons of the University of Utah announced, in a hastily convened press conference, that they had achieved nuclear fusion (dubbed cold fusion) in a simple tabletop apparatus.But after numerous other research teams failed to replicate their experimental results, and after theoreticians argued that the claimed.
  4. 6. 2009: James Goll: Saw breakthroughs in fusion and things he had no understanding of in quantum physics. Therefore, LENR did not begin with science & scientists, but with God. God Himself created the science and released it to Man, who in turn then discovered it
  5. LENR Picture Begins to Emerge. In the 24 years since the 1989 Fleishmann-Pons announcement, Significant breakthroughs were reported by multiple independent researchers and private companies that lead them to believe they they are closing in on at least a descriptive method that may allow reliable replication

Lattice Energy LLC New funding can leverage unique technical breakthroughs • Widom-Larsen developed initial body of breakthrough theoretical work that for the first time explains all major features of LENR-related phenomena • Related unpublished proprietary technical breakthroughs and insights should enable Lattice to solve enormous experimental reproducibility and device fabrication. Cold Fusion - NASA - LENR Future. The Chief Scientist of NASA and the Chief Scientist NASA Langley Porter Research Institute move forward with the energetics of LENR - cold fusion as the solution to problems like global warming, transportation, energy, and NASA space missions planned yet unrealized Lattice Energy LLC - LENR technology fits beautifully into Saudi Arabias Vision 2030 strategic plan - May 18 201 years of worldwide LENR research community reports of encouraging progress in the field have pushed what histori- cally At ICCF19 in Padua, Italy, news of breakthroughs were coming from different areas. Coolescence figured out what it takes to get loading every time in hydrogen metal systems

An LENR workshop, the 10 th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals, is slated to begin tomorrow, April 10 th, in Siena, Italy.The conference's schedule and participants are listed at the bottom of this article, and include Francesco Celani, Dr. Peter Hagelstein of MIT and Prof. Francesco Piantelli Mosier-Boss was quoted as saying To our knowledge, this is the first scientific report of the production of highly energetic neutrons from an LENR device. LENR stands for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. In Mosier-Boss' case, she happened to use the very same setup Fleishmann and Pons used when they claimed the discovery of cold fusion. 3 LENR represents one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of all time The company will be based in Michigan, USA. LENR Invest LLC will manage a VC fund dedicated to investment in companies developing LENR and in companies holding LENR patents. We have received proposals for investment from several US based LENR companies Keshes Free Energy Technology : How real is it? My initial reaction: It is NOT real (but I would be happy to be proven wrong.) RVD made a video about it - Remember, Ron promoting something is a good indication that it is NOT real (he goes for things that are big vision/no evidence - things with e.. An improved understanding of this phenomenon could allow us to better predict storms in space, explain astrophysical phenomena, and even reach breakthroughs in nuclear fusion. Futurism 1

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Cutting edge technologies for Heat to Electricity and Desalination using LENR E cat. We are working on a cutting edge desalination method using e cat technology and heat to electricity generation. So in the near future- there are many possible add on's to the e cat technology to take it to the next level NASA Video Endorses LENR Posted: January 20, 2012 in Alternative Energy, Andrea Rossi, cold fusion, E-cat, energy catalyzer, LENR, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer Tags: NASA, NASA Langley. 0. Water Dragon 2012 is certainly going to be a game-changing year!. LENR experimental research programs. In that capacity, Dr. DeChiaro has tracked the scientific progress of LENR and other quantum breakthroughs. In his presentation dated September 23, 2015 entitled Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) Phenomena and Potential Applications, Dr. DeChiaro identified a series o Mar 5, 2017 - Researchers report repeatedly replicating over unity amounts of LENR heat from Brillouin Energy's most advanced Isoperibolic Hydrogen Hot Tube™ reactor system SuzukiSavage.com : - Apparel Decals The Elite Technical Performance Parts suzuki, savage, ls650, s40, motorcycle, suzuki savage, ecommerce, open source, shop, online.

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  1. LENR.SU project team The team includes a number of scientists leading scientific work in the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as specialists from the United States. At the moment we have two operating laboratories, the main laboratory is located in the Joint Institute of High Temperatures of RAS (JIHT RAS)
  2. What is the LENR-Cities project ? What is the LENR-Cities project ? Issuu company logo. Close. Try. Features Fullscreen sharing Embed Statistics Article stories Visual Stories SEO
  3. g the phenomena as well
  4. Right. Exactly. Quibble: the LENR concept sucks (more accurately, it is almost meaningless, it's so vague), but the reality of at least some of the observed and confirmed LENR effects could lead to major breakthroughs in many areas. Or not
  5. It also did not cover many other breakthroughs in LENR, such as Brillouin Energy, MIT, Mike McKubre at SRI, Blacklight, and many others. X-prize on June 11 2012 said

Cold fusion has been called one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs that might likely never happen. On the surface, it seems simple - a room-temperature reaction occurring under normal. LENR distributed power generation systems could democratize access to low cost green energy. At system power outputs of just 5 - 10 kW, green LENR-based distributed power generation systems could potentially satisfy the requirements of most urban and rural households and smaller businesses worldwide

LENR is defined by E-Cat World, Racing such companies as Lockheed Martin Skunk Works division, which also have claimed recent breakthroughs in this area, George explained to Truthout that BEC is only about two years away from a commercial boiler system prototype that a manufacturer could begin reproducing Bringing back the cold fusion dream. by Mihai Andrei. October 24, 2012. in Physics. In 1989, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann made a sensational claim that would have forever changed the. Abstract: In August 1997, NASA sponsored a 3-day workshop to assess the prospects emerging from physics that may eventually lead to creating propulsion breakthroughs -the kind of breakthroughs that could revolutionize space flight and enable human voyages to other star systems Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Resource Detail. Similarly Tagged Conten

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Proponents of nuclear fusion see it is as a clean and virtually limitless energy source that could power the future. But while researchers are confident they can make it work, realizing the long-held dream of fusion power is proving far from easy TECHNO BREAKTHROUGHS 3D Printing Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality Computer-Brain Interfacing General MetaMaterials Cold Fusion (LENR) Energy Storage Fuel Alternatives Keshe Miscellaneous Nikola Tesla ThermoElectricity. If true, LENR might solve a mystery uncovered by NASA's Genesis mission, resources to support the necessary technological breakthroughs will come flooding in Michael E. Melich, PhD, has been a Research Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School since 1985 and focuses on potential technology breakthroughs of great importance to national defense. From the 1989 Fleischmann-Pons announcement, Mike has done research and published papers on LENR. He has attended all 16 of the ICCF and co-chaired ICCF-14

Today, we are moving to a new stage of our project — development of the technology for Cold Transmutation of chemical elements (LENR-Transmutation). We have started our work on commercia Re: [Vo]:DGT Understands LENR Rich Murray Sat, 15 Oct 2011 17:52:45 -0700 Anyone agree that immediate disclosure of any nuclear reaction breakthroughs has to be detailed and worldwide, if the possible hazards of weapons applications are to be publicly and thoroughly assessed for the safety and good of all LENR, Cold Fusion: Executive summary for policy maker [Updated 2013-07-17] « LENR news. This article is an executive summary which gather the key information on LENR industrial development, Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology is rapidly evolving, with breakthroughs taking place on a regular basis Cold Fusion remained elusive. Fleischmann died in 2012, Pons is still alive, but as US American not qualified for EU grants, very unfortunate. More recently, Google tried its hand at Cold Fusion, burned through $10 million by 2019, still nothing. So the EU Commission is now throwing a similar amount of cash onto the pyre, all to celebrate the.

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if you apply scientific method, LENr is proven, E-Cat would be the greatest of breakthroughs, the king of discoveries, imagine what it can do to our world view Bill Gates Briefed on LENR. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, toured the Frascati, Italy labs of ENEA private sector nor the U.S. government is making anywhere near the scale of investment it takes to produce these breakthroughs a recap on the progress of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat machine. So far two 1MW units have been produced and shipped, although public awareness is not desired as there are still problems to be irone

Shungite is a lightweight yet hard stone with a deep black finish. Shungite is also a specific form of carbon that is created by the geologic processes that transform crude oil. While the stone has a gained a reputation for having magical properties by those who sell crystals intended for crystal therapy, geologists know that its properties make it useful for things like paints, plastic. We are making a frantic effort to revive cold fusion/LENR research in India, Mahadevan Srinivasan, who along with the late P.K.Iyengar led cold fusion research at BARC, told IANS The long related Independent Third Party report on Andrea Rossi's E-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology has finally appeared. The report makes two conclusions that seem to verify Rossi's claims. The first is that a nuclear reaction of some sort that is generating energy in the form of heat Google Investigates Cold Fusion. This unusual article recently appeared in Nature: a team funded by Google (and involving researchers from a number of very well-respected research institutions) has spent some substantial effort revisiting the various reports of cold fusion (commentary pieces here and here ). That might seem like an odd. prev. next. 作品紹介. 作品をご紹介致します。. 個展作品や日々更新していく作品等、想いを込めた書をぜひご覧ください。. 書道教室. 東京、練馬区・板橋区近郊で書道教室を開講。. 自分の字を好きになり、書くことが楽しくなっていただける様に山田遊美.

DIY Cold Fusion. The mainstream scientific community may have abandoned cold fusion research long ago, but that's not stopping home brewers from pursuing this Holy Grail of energy production on. Srinivasan said that recent technological breakthroughs had resulted in the development of suitcase-sized LENR reactors that can be mass produced. The fuel for these novel reactors -- dubbed Energy Catalyzer or Ecat by its Italian inventor Andrea Rossi -- is inexpensive nickel in the form of specially prepared nano powder exposed to ordinary hydrogen gas BY many measurements, this summer's drought is one for the record books. But so was last year's drought in the South Central states. And it has been onl

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for including the dangers of today's petroleum economy, new physics breakthroughs in cold-fusion & LENR research, as well as covering progress in traditional renewable & sustainable energy solutions. Man has evolved from a hunter/killer moving to an agrarian society then into industrialization and with bio/Nano/IT, into the virtual age The key is to not call it cold fusion. The current most popular term is Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). The new phrase avoids not only the so-far empty promise of cold fusion, but helps deflect criticism of what are perceived to be alchemy-like scientific pursuits Feb 2, 2017 - Explore Peterloo Pete's board Cold Fusion - Unlimited Energy Imminent? on Pinterest. See more ideas about cold fusion, fusion, energy

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China says it's ahead in the global race for nuclear fusion. In a world with an ever-increasing demand for electricity and a deteriorating environment, Chinese scientists are leading the charge to. LENR will be far cheaper than solar or wind power. We could drastically reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and have virtually unlimited, virtually free energy for everyone. The U.S. could stop sending $400 billion dollars a year overseas to often hostile countries, some of which ends up funding terrorists Overview. Mission Innovation (MI) is a global initiative of 24 countries and the European Commission (on behalf of the European Union) working to reinvigorate and accelerate global clean energy innovation with the objective to make clean energy widely affordable. MI was announced at COP21 on November 30, 2015, as world leaders came together in. Fermilab's accelerator complex and PIP-II Fermilab's accelerator complex comprises several particle accelerators and storage rings. It produces the world's most powerful, high-energy neutrino beam and provides proton beams for a variety of experiments and R&D programs

I'm curious about some other abstracts, too, but I will withhold judgement at least until I read a few papers referenced there and elsewhere. My gut feeling, however, tells me that despite the latest publicity and all those near-breakthroughs reported, LENR isn't going to go anywhere in the foreseeable future LENR Powered Vehicles. ITER - the way to new energy. Cold Fusion NASA LENR part three Spacebound and Earthbound Transportation. It is argued that both LENR and Hydrino Capture are not cold fusion, yet for many reasons the term cold fusion exists in popular vernacular encompassing nuclear reactions that happen in environments less hot than the sun

NASA to Attempt First Controlled Flight on Mars As Soon As Monday. The public is invited to watch as the helicopter team receives the data downlink at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. E-Cat Technology. January 26, 2019 ·. Ecat paper released. As the most discerning readers know, on January 24 a 10-pages long paper by Andrea Rossi came out on ResearchGate, which advances some interesting explanations on the physics behind the operation of an E-Cat reactor. You can find it here

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