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On Cathay Pacific flights, we offer priority seating to any passenger with a disability, and will do our best to allocate you a seat that is most suitable to your needs. Please be aware that there might be unpredictable circumstances such as weather or mechanical problems that may call for a last minute aircraft switch, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs

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Cathay Pacific has six of this Boeing 777-300ER with new Business Class (3 Classes) aircraft in its fleet. This plane seats a total of 340 passengers. All First and Business Class seats are suitable for passengers with reduced mobility Additional benefits for Diamond Card members include top priority waitlisting, guaranteed Economy Class or Business Class seat on Cathay Pacific flights booked 24 hours before departure, First Class check-in counters, 20 kg (44 lb) or one piece of extra baggage allowance, First Priority baggage handling, First Class lounge access with two guests when flying Cathay Pacific-operated flights, one.

All Seats: AC Power: No: Airbus A350-1000 (351) 45: 20: Flat Bed: On-Demand TV: All Seats: AC Power: No: Airbus A350-900 (35G) 45: 20: Open Suite: On-Demand TV: All Seats: AC Power: No: Boeing 777-200 (772) New Regional : 45: 21: Recliner: On-Demand TV: All Seats: AC Power: N

An important feature of the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy seats is the entertainment systems. You get a wider screen than you do in regular Economy, as well as better over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones Cathay Pacific flies this Boeing 777-300ER that can seat a total of 368 passengers. All Business Class seats are suitable for passengers with reduced mobility. In the Economy Class, aisle seats are also suitable for passengers with reduced mobility, except for the front rows Cathay Pacific Carry-On Allowance All passengers are permitted to bring 1 personal item (such as a handbag or briefcase) and 1 standard carry-on bag. The personal item must not exceed 6 x 12 x 16 inches and the standard carry-on must not be bigger than 22 x 14 x 9 inches According to the actual seat plan of the B777-ER Version H Cathay Pacific Premium Economy has a seperate toilet in PE. Concerning Priority Pass some people do not know that Priority pass is not a Cathay advantage

Cathay Pacific launched its first retrofitted B777-300ER with the new seat and configuration on April 13, on its Nagoya route, with Mumbai also now seeing the refitted aircraft. Business Traveller.. Cathay Pacific has six layouts of this Boeing 777-300ER with new Business Class aircraft in its fleet. This plane seats a total of 294 passengers Answer 11 of 18: Cathay Pacific seat 40c looks like it does not have a seat in front of it on seat guru(77ER). Is this correct? Should I purchase an exit row seat? Flying JFK to hkg

Cathay Pacific business class offers passengers the usual suite of priority perks on the ground and spacious seating in the air, paired with a high standard of inflight meals and service. First class takes this one step further, with significantly more personal space, true fine dining, first class lounge access and of course, pyjamas, for a well-rounded and luxurious experience View when in the seat; Fun fact, Cathay actually starts numbering their business seats from row 11 solely reserving single digits for their first class cabin. For this 12 hour flight I will be sat in seat 12K which is a priority seat (not in the way you may thing)

Book flights to Hong Kong and other destinations with Cathay Pacific. You can also manage bookings and view your frequent flyer account online. Online Flight Booking | Airfare | Cambodia - Cathay Pacific I visited Cathay Pacific City, the huge operations HQ for Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong. Part of my visit was a tour through the plane mock-ups, where cabin cr.. Pre Flight Cathay Pacific Economy Class Seat Selection - Exit Row. For my overnight flight from Sydney to Hong Kong, I was able to select an exit row seat online without charge (usually A$220) due to my temporary American Airlines Gold status from their partnership with Hyatt. An exit row aisle seat is the best seat in Economy Class and on this plane there were four (43C, 43H, 59C and 59H)

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy ticket holders also get priority boarding and board the aeroplane before economy passengers. Onboard Cathay Pacific Premium Economy As soon as you board, passengers in the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy cabin get complimentary drinks - Champagne, water or orange juice - and then a snack straight after takeoff - a small packet of smoked almonds and a drink Cathay Pacific premium economy impressed on both the Boeing 777 from NYC to Hong Kong and Airbus A350 from Hong Kong to Newark. But there are notable differences between the two products. The 777 option excels in the lounge experience, flight timing and space onboard. Meanwhile, the A350 is the better choice for a better entertainment system, seat storage, connectivity and sleekness of the cabin Cathay Pacific New First Class. Cathay Pacific's current first class cabin consists of six semi-enclosed suites onboard the Boeing 777-300ER in a 1-1-1 configuration. These features 81 inches of pitch and plenty of personal storage. In 2013, Cathay Pacific ordered 21 new 777-9 from Boeing, with delivery slated to begin later this year Cathay Pacific tends to release only one First Class award seat at the start of the schedule, so if you're hunting for two or more seats, then it might be a solid strategy to book one confirmed First Class seat and waitlist the others Cathay Pacific doesn't offer any VIP ground services with its Premium Economy fares — there's no inherent lounge access and the like — but there are a few perks, like dedicated check-in counters and a priority spot in the boarding order (in the sense that you're ahead of everyone in regular economy)

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  1. Cathay Pacific (marketed/ticketed) Diamond, Gold and Silver members of the Marco Polo Club on Air New Zealand operated flights can enjoy Advanced Seat Request/Reservation via SSR into the Priority Seating zone, provided they enter their frequent flyer number into the booking
  2. What you should know is that if you find yourself on this 1-2-1 configured aircraft remember Seat 12A and 12K are actually priority seats and are for passengers who need the bassinet for infants. Cathay will warn you on online seat selection - but just be warned you could be reallocated at the airport if you choose these seats
  3. Some Cathay Pacific flights around Asia feature a 'regional business class' seat designed for shorter flights of up to around 4-5 hours. This seat reclines, rather than going fully-flat, and you'll always have a passenger (or at least an empty seat) next to you, so it's more like the premium economy seat you'd see on a longer flight
  4. These options only apply to regular seats, however, and not those with extra legroom. These already come with a HK$390 (US$50) price tag to select ahead of time on short-haul flights, and HK$1,170.
  5. Any other window seats, for solo travellers: As Cathay Pacific's business class comes in a 1-2-1 layout, each passenger has their own space and direct access to the aisle - so if you're not travelling with anyone, grab a window seat and enjoy the view or be in full control when you want darkness to sleep

Second, a few years ago, Cathay Pacific totally modernized their business class, so you will fly in perfect conditions: check-in on a priority basis, brand-new aircraft cabins, complete privacy, and cozy seats featuring PTVs with AVOD are awaiting you. Yes, business class seats may be expensive Tuesday, 6 April 2021 — Cathay Pacific stands ready to support the operation of special flights to bring Hong Kong residents home from the United Kingdom. The flights (CX2252) will be departing from London Heathrow on 21 and 28 April 2021. Seats will be available for booking on 8 April via cathaypacific.com. We also welcome the relaxation of.

Even though there are only 2 seats in row 30 (A & B), there is a space between the window and seat A so the 2 seats in row 39 are effectively in front of all 3 in row 40. If you look at Cathay's own website, it does not show seat 40C as being an 'extra legroom seat' either ( https://www.cathaypacific.com/cx/en_GB/travel-information/flight/aircraft-fleet/777-300/777-300er-77g.html ) However, it looks like they've recently designated a lot of seats as premium seats, and made them only available to OneWorld Emerald members. These seats are designated with a P on ExpertFlyer, and would show as occupied if you're looking at the seatmap directly through Cathay Pacific In order to be eligible, passengers must have a valid booking on a Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon-operated flight on the day of travel Top priority cargo for load planning. Automatic Confirmation. Freighters: Shipments up to 1000 kg and 6.0m 3. Passenger flights: Shipments up to 500 kg and 3.0m 3. Cargo & Document Acceptance, before departure. 90 minutes for loose cargo in bulk hold; 150 minutes for pre-packed cargo The seats are certainly wider and have a seat pitch of 38 inches If you like Priority Boarding (well.. after First/Business). Our experience with Premium Economy Cathay Pacific was that we were boarded LAST going to and coming back from HK. Yes,.

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  1. Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Seat: 59C (Economy Class) Boarding commenced at Gate 31 on time at 9:40PM with priority boarding of Business Class and OneWorld elites completed before the general boarding call for Economy Class
  2. Additional benefits for Diamond Card members include top priority waitlisting, guaranteed Economy Class or Business Class seat on Cathay Pacific flights booked 24 hours before departure, First Class check-in counters, 20 kg (44 lb) or one piece of extra baggage allowance, First Priority baggage handling, First Class lounge access with two guests when flying Cathay Pacific-operated flights, one guest when flying Oneworld operated flights and Business Class lounge access with two.
  3. ute premium awards to their partners, they're still pretty reliable when releasing last-
  4. Cathay Pacific Premium Economy features 34 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration on most 77Ws; however, on planes without First Class, the Premium Economy cabin features 32 seats. In either case, Cathay provides a generous 38″ pitch and 19.5″ of width for all PE seats. That's essentially equivalent to domestic First Class, though slightly smaller than Air New Zealand's Premium Economy seats. You'll find Cathay's typical jade green seating, and the 38-inch pitch provides.
  5. Cathay Pacific Airways. Cathay Pacific Airways is Certified as a 5-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff. » Explaining the Star Rating Levels

Flying in seat 60D on a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER soon? Read reviews of seat 60D and find a better seat with our Cathay Pacific seating charts Enjoy the comfort of Cathay Pacific premium economy with extra spacious seats, an outstanding in-flight entertainment system and priority boarding. The Cathay Pacific premium economy seats have a generous recline and extra legroom compared to the economy seats. Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Overview. Seat Pitch: 96.5cm Seat recline Detailed seat map Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing B777 300 (773). Find the best airplanes seats, information on legroom, recline and in-flight entertainment using our detailed online seating charts The seat is 19.5 inches wide, compared to around 18 inches for Cathay's economy seat. That extra 1.5 inches makes a noticeable difference, no doubt helped by the wide armrests (which are capped with leather) as well as the seat's padding, scalloped side panels and lumbar support

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Having seen Cathay Pacific's advertising for their premium economy seats I decided, in February, to purchase return tickets to London for July 4th 2012. One week before my travel date I received an email advising of a flight schedule change - the change was that they have moved me from premium economy to economy for my return leg Cathay's business class seat looks just as good in reality as it does in the promotional imagery! Cathay Pacific features reverse herringbone seats in its business class — the Zodiac Cirrus model to be specific, which can also be found onboard Air France's 787s among others — and they're quite good Cathay Pacific has one of the smallest first class cabins out there on their 777s, with just six seats spread across two rows. Despite the small cabin, award seats are generally quite easy to come by. Often tougher than snagging the actual award seats is assigning seats, given that Cathay Pacific blocks two of th Cathay Pacific (marketed/ticketed) Diamond, Gold and Silver members of the Marco Polo Club on Air New Zealand operated flights can enjoy Advanced Seat Request/Reservation via SSR into the Priority Seating zone, provided they enter their frequent flyer number into the booking. Cathay Pacific operated flight

While Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific's business class consistently ranks among our favorites, its premium economy on its Boeing 777 and A350 planes is also worthy of attention. Set in a separate.. Cathay Pacific's premium economy product was a fine way to make the long-haul trip between Madrid and Hong Kong. The Pros: comfortable seats with a leg rest and tons of room to spread out. The Cons: The enhanced food items aren't much different from what you'd get in economy

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  1. We have reached out to Cathay 5 times to request outstanding refund of both 200.00 fees (that were to be waived per ticket) and refund of advanced seat purchase. We continue to call customer service on March 26th, April 10, April 27, May 8th, and again today May 18th, 2020 only to hear, its being processed check back in 7 business days
  2. Cathay Pacific Announces Seat Sale Wednesday, January 14, 2015 — Vancouver, B.C.. --- Get a head start on your 2015 travel plans and recognize great savings thanks to special Premium Economy and Economy Class airfares from Cathay Pacific Airways. The World's Best Airline has announced special discounts on fares to some of the most sought-after travel destinations in Asia, China.
  3. Here is Cathay Pacific's new Airbus A321neo business class seat. No surprises as Cathay locks in a regional recliner rather than fully lie-flat bed. By David Flynn, December 29 2020. Cathay Pacific's Airbus A321neo business class seat has broken cover, months before the jet itself is expected to take wing from early-mid 2021

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Cathay Pacific Airways seat reviews. Airline reviews Airplane reviews Link Cathay Pacific Airways Cathay Dragon Airbus A321 200. 2020-02-03: 4.5 of 5. Detailed review: zhaosen. 0 Helpful votes. Seat: 12A: From: Hong Kong - Hong Kong International (HKG) To: Hangzhou - Hangzhou (HGH Cathay Pacific has focused their premium economy class seats on legroom, and providing those tantalising extra amenities that people crave in an upgrade. Seats: Cathay Pacific's premium economy seats have 96cm-101 (38-40 inches) of pitch, and 47-49cm (18.5-19.5in) of width The last time I flew Cathay Pacific was in 2009 in Business Class, which you can read about here if you like - as excellent a flight as this one proved to be. After I had made my booking, I was unable to select seats using Mange My Booking on British Airways so I called Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong and had myself assigned to seat 30A LATEST| Read our 'world first' review of Cathay Pacific premium economy. PREVIOUS | Cathay Pacific has revealed the first details of its new Premium Economy class as well as a replacement for the airline's much-criticised international economy seat, both of which will debut in March 2012 on flights between Hong Kong and Sydney. While no pictures have been made available to the media, details. Cathay pacific a350 seat map airbus 900 seating plan pictures seat map cathay pacific airways airbus a350 900 35g seatmaestro seat map cathay pacific airways airbus a350 1000 seatmaestro cathay pacific fleet airbus a350 900 details and pictures. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window

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  1. Cathay Pacific | Marco Polo Club - Cathay Pacific Experience / Seats / Interline / Baggage FAQs - For DM/GO Members: say you are flying in Y out of HKG and you arrive to the gate whilst Y pax are boarding. You'll still board through the Priority lane, however will you board through the First/Business Class bridge? Jus
  2. Cathay Pacific's new premium economy seats strike a near-perfect balance between economy and business class. Having travelled for 14 hours from Seattle to Hong Kong on a factory-fresh Boeing 777 fitted with CX premium economy (and also the new international economy seats), Australian Business Traveller can attest that these comfortable and legroom-friendly seats are definitely more than.
  3. Images: Cathay Pacific's new Premium Economy and international Economy Class seats Devesh Agarwal February 29, 2012 Uncategorized Leave a comment Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific Airways has taken delivery of a new Boeing 777-300ER registration B-KPY which is the first aircraft to feature its new Premium Economy Class product and new long-haul Economy Class seats
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Airline: Cathay Pacific (CX) Aircraft: Airbus A330-300 (B-HLQ) Flight #: CX110 Route: Sydney (SYD) > Hong Kong (HKG) Date: May 9, 2019 Duration: 9hr 45min Cabin & Layout: Business Class, 39-seats, 1-2-1 config Seat(s): 17A Miles Used: 85,000 Asia Miles per person (transferred from American Express) one-way including a connecting flight to Amsterdam Taxes & Fees Paid: $260 (HKD 2,051) per perso Cathay Pacific offers three trans-Pacific flights per day from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. I was flying on CX882, departing at 1635, the latest departure offered (unless you count CX880, which. Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong's largest airline, connecting the small independent state to several international and regional destinations. Cathay maintains an exclusive fleet of 123 wide-body aircraft, allowing for numerous full-service international flights to 177 destinations around the world While I'm not saying that flying business class on Cathay Pacific is a bad thing -- quite the opposite actually -- the product has a world-class reputation that, at times, seems misplaced. It has all the makings of a competitive international business class offering, sure, but then again, so does British Airways's Club World

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Cathay Pacific has announced it is adding a new option when using Asia Miles, with members soon having the ability to offset their cash fare on any flight with available seats by an amount of their choice, including with selected partner airlines.. The function is set to go live on the Cathay Pacific website two weeks from now, on 30th March 2021, and crucially it does not replace the usual. Review, photos and rating of Cathay Pacific CX889 New York (JFK) → Hong Kong (HKG) by rays . Flight in Business Boeing 777-300ER Cathay Pacific Seat Sale to Asia and China Monday, August 19, 2013 — (Vancouver, B.C.)-- Get a head start on your travel plans and recognize great deals on Cathay Pacific flights to Asia and China. Cathay Pacific, one of the world's leading airlines, is offering special savings on Economy and Premium Economy Class fares to select destinations in Asia and China Cathay Pacific A350 Business Class Seat Once we were comfortably aboard it was time to check out the A350 Business Class seat. Based on the airline's current highly-regarded business class and in the same 1-2-1 layout, it is styled with a slightly more refined feel around the existing 'Cirrus' business class product found on its Airbus A330s and Boeing 777s, but customised by Studio Porsche Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong and a member of oneworld. It currently flies to 190 destinations in 60 countries around the world, and its main hub is located at Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong

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Cathay Pacific A350-1000 Premium Economy review. In general, the flight was OK, but it became clear that Cathay Pacific operate Premium Economy as Economy with a slightly larger seat. Food is OK, but really there is little to differentiate this flight with a basic flight, other than the larger seat of course Cathay Pacific Airlines, the flag carrier of Hong Kong was the airline we chose to book my recent transpacific flight - Bangkok to Chicago. I was more nervous for this flight than any other up to this point. I had no idea how flying alone with my 17 month old toddler would go. She has [ Qantas has added it's code to Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon services within Asia from Hong Kong to 17 cities across India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea. This also extends to Cathay Pacific's long-haul service from Hong Kong to Perth. Some of routes include Cathay Pacific launched their new Premium Economy cabin in the middle of 2012, and it's now available on almost all of Cathay's Australia to Hong Kong flights, and along with their new Business Cabin, is being rolled out across all of their long haul routes.It creates a great new option for those wishing to redeem their Qantas points in Premium cabins for a bit more space and improved service

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Cathay Pacific CX869 Washington Dulles to Hong Kong - Economy cabin Seats Shae and I were in seats 60E and 60G respectively which were in the center column of seats. 60E is the center seat - there are no F seats - so Shae and I were sitting next to each other Airline: Cathay Pacific (CX) Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Flight #: CX 872 Route: Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Date: April 23, 2019 Duration: 12 hours and 15 minutes Cabin and Layout: Cathay Pacific first class, 6-seat capacity across 2 rows, 1-1-1 configuration Seat: 2K Miles Used: None, booked Cathay Pacific mistake fare (HAN-HKG-SFO) round. There are 26 seats in Cathay Pacific Premium Economy, which have a 38 inch pitch, 19.3 inch seat width and an 8 inch recline. Cathay pacific premium economy reviews are good, with the seats similar to Qantas Premium Economy, with a large meal table and cocktail table, plus a 10.6-inch seatback television and noise-cancelling headphones, a power socket for UK/Hong Kong plugs, and a USB charging. Cathay Pacific Visa Signature features with a valuable rewards program, but is has limited travel benefits for an airline card

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They're called UMs, and they are Cathay Pacific's most precious cargo - so their parents would argue.UM stands for unaccompanied minor and last year Cathay Pacific looked after more than 4,000 children flying solo.. Children aged six to 12 must travel as UMs - its optional for those aged 12 to 18 As is usually the case, check-in was totally empty for Cathay Pacific at Heathrow T3. After Security I headed straight for the No1 Traveller lounge (through my Priority Pass) which is actually very good. For a long time, I thought the Priority Pass was this magical gift that I'd been sent giving me free lounge access

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Those enrolled in a frequent flyer programme with one of our oneworld member airlines will — depending upon their tier, as outlined below — automatically be eligible for oneworld Priority benefits. These benefits are designed to help deliver a superior, seamless travel experience Cathay Pacific v. Vazquez G.R. No. 150843; 14 March 2003 Facts: Sps. Dr. Daniel and Maria Luisa Vazquez, resposdents, together with their maid and two friends went to Hongkong for pleasure and business. On their return flight, they booked Cathay Pacific Airways. While boarding, they were advised that there was a seat change from Busines Cathay Pacific 777 Premium Economy Cabin. Overall, the Premium Economy cabin is quite nice. Cathay Pacific 777 Premium Economy Seat. For my flight to Hong Kong I selected seat 30D. The seat had favorable reviews on SeatGuru so I thought it would be nice Cathay Pacific transported a total of 37,815 passengers last month, a decrease of 98.6 percent compared to November 2019, while the revenue passenger kilometers fell 97.9 percent year-on-year. The load factor fell 61.5 percentage points to 18.5 percent, while capacity, measured in available seat kilometers (ASKs), decreased by 90.9 percent The Flight - Hong Kong to London in Cathay Pacific Business Class. This was my first time on a Cathay 777-300ER and my first impression of the Business cabin was that it was pretty massive. There's a small First Class cabin upfront, and behind a mini cabin of 2 rows of Business Class seats

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Cathay Pacific launched flights with the Airbus A350 in 2016, and the airline already has over 20 of the type in service, flying both regional and long-haul services. (Photo: Cathay Pacific) Cathay are investing heavily in the A350, with over 20 of the aircraft now in service and a further 25 on order, also including the A350-1000 variant which will have similar range and seat 50 more. Airline welcomes partial relaxation of quarantine measures for passenger

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