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The 15 Best Places to Visit in Europe 1. Paris, France. Paris has it all, which is why it's as close to a must-see as there is in Europe. Food, history, art,... 2. Florence, Italy. There are so many places to go in Italy, but Florence is so special you really can't miss it. The... 3. Santorini,. Intrepid Travel 's European specialist Stefan Hellmuth says the city's layers of Art Nouveau architecture, thought to be the largest collection in the world, combined with medieval guildhalls,.. Rome has been cited as they most beautiful European city, which also hosts the world's smallest nation, the Vatican City. From the amazing Colosseum and Pantheon to the many churches and tours, this city is a place you have to visit. 1 Top 10 Cities to Visit in Europe - Your Western Bucket List! October 28, 2019 When someone talks about Europe, the places that come to mind are Paris, Rome, Venice, or Barcelona

Barcelona is the best place to visit in Europe as it caters to everyone, regardless of your interests. With endless things to do for all types of travelers, those who appreciate architecture should thank Gaudi, the hills are great for those who like to have space in the city and for those who love sports, Barcelona is a haven for you (Camp Nou anyone?) 14 Cheapest Cities in Europe You Should Visit in 2020 1. Kraków, Poland. Kraków is the second biggest city in Poland, and one of the cheapest cities in Europe. It rivals the... 2. Porto, Portugal. Porto is a popular coastal city in Portugal, probably the cheapest country in western Europe. It's.... One of the grandest and most elegant cities in Europe, Vienna's impressive imperial legacy really does make for a marvelous sight. Once the seat of the Hapsburgs and the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, wealth and riches poured into Vienna for centuries. This fueled the building of majestic palaces and parks, monuments, and museums Scotland's stunning capital city is easily one of the best cities to visit in Europe and one that captures the adoration and imagination of most who visit it. With hints of fairytale magic in the air (helped along, no doubt, by the city's ties to Harry Potter lore), Edinburgh is packed with fun things to do Swiss Alps. #10 in Best Places to Visit in Europe. Located south of Zurich, Bern and Basel, the Swiss Alps are a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. While skiing, hiking and snowboarding tend to..

Trees decked in young, fresh green leaves, flowers still popping up everywhere, and people smiling at the sunshine. It's quite simply a perfect month to travel to Europe and enjoy city life. While probably every single European city is lovely to visit in May, some have a little something extra to offer Krakow is Poland's second largest city. It sits on both sides of the Wisla River at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. There are more than 1.4 million residents in the metropolitan area. Krakow is known as a historical and beautiful city that is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations

Athens, Greece- one of the best European cities to visit in winter Recommended by Jen from Jen on a Jetplane While the Greek Islands are quiet in the winter, Athens is buzzing year-round. The city is a tourist hotspot due to the year-round Mediterranean cruise ships which dock nearby Best Cities to Visit in Europe My picks for the best cities to visit in Europe are probably very different that other Must-Visit Cities in Europe lists. Of course there are some classics, but overall I haven't connected with many cities in Europe that are popular with tourists (London, Vienna, Dublin, and Munich come to mind) RELATED: 10 Best Cities For A Dream Romantic Proposal. The beauty of Vienna is that, although it has so much to offer, it is still one of Europe's less popular destinations. It hasn't reached the popularity levels of cities like Rome and Paris, yet, so you can enjoy all of its wonders without having to grapple with crowds and crowds of. However, eastern Europe has a few intriguing ski destinations, including Bulgaria's Bansko on the Pirin mountain range. The country's main ski resort has good beginner and intermediate runs. There's a decent range of shared or private accommodation to choose from, easily making Bansko one of the best places to visit in Europe with friends Of these, London is a must-visit for its impressive historical sights, amazing museums, and fantastic dining and nightlife scenes. Edinburgh, too is worth visiting, as are Oxford and the northern cities of Manchester and Liverpool

For most travelers, exploring European destinations is not only a must-do on their bucket list, but a lifelong journey with many cultures and cities to experience. Many of the best places to visit in Europe see all four seasons, offering a variety of perks depending on what month you choose for your touchdown Europe 9 Beautiful European Cities To Visit In May Europe The 9 Most Colorful Cities In Europe Europe 7 Fantastic Stays In Europe That Put You In Touch With Nature Trending Articles. Florida Greek Sponge Divers Keep Their Age-Old Tradition Alive In This Romantic Florida Tow The city of Colmar, in France's northern region of Alsace, has been voted the #1 European destination for 2020, chosen from 20 'must-see' locations that made the finalists' list of contenders for..

27 of the Most Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Europe Beauraing, and then grab a table at any one of the local cafes while taking in the views from one of Belgium's, and Europe's, most beautiful small cities. Credit: Bigstock.com Link Copied to Clipboard. Telc, Czech Republi Are you planning your winter vacation and want to know the best places in Europe to visit in December?Did you know that 713 million tourists visited Europe in 2018—the majority of them in the summer months?. There's no doubt that Europe is a great place to visit when the weather is warm and sunny Europe is home to some of the world's most diverse and beautiful cities. From the streets of London to Monte Carlo's billionaire playground, Europe's cities. The cities of Europe remain unmatched to the rest of the world! From the canals of Venice, to the Ancient ruins of Athens, it's impossible to beat the histor..

Best Places to Visit in January in Europe. If you are in a European country already, then many of these destinations can be a day trip or two. If you love the holiday season, then you can visit these destinations for their Christmas market (meaning New Year Eve, too) A bucket-list destination and one of the most visited cities in Europe, Paris is where you'll find the iconic Eiffel Tower (hint: the best views of the Eiffel Tower are actually from Montparnasse Tower, or from the Trocadero Center, right across the street) Wroclaw was voted the best European city to visit in 2018. The city offers various museums, Gothic-Renaissance buildings, and film and music festivals. Flights to Wroclaw for under $500 roundtrip Pronounced Vrotts Wov, Wroclaw is one of Poland's cultural centers Visiting Rome is also visiting the Vatican with its extraordinary works of art, but the city mesmerizes mostly as the capital of an ancient empire

Germany's Romantic Road is one of the best places to visit in Europe for storybook villages and fairy-tale castles. Driving from town to town is a great way to see the surrounding countryside, and stopping in the villages is like stepping into Hansel and Gretel's world (sans witch, of course) 100 Most Visited European Cities. 5,627 100 The Top 60 Best Countries in the World for 2021. 2,116 60 List Challenge - To Do List - Travel. 13,311 278 Travel: Green Places. 1,726 80 Load More Travel Lists. Newsletter · Help/Contact. 30 places in Europe you must see in your lifetime The Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic This spectacular stone bridge across the Vltava river perfectly frames the sight of Prague Castle above.. The capital of Malta is one of the most affordable capital cities to visit - plus the city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's too gorgeous to miss. Plus, it's not just the cheapest cities in Europe. Malta, as an Island, can be relatively cheap too. Just make sure to travel out of the summer season and avoid the holidays Why not travel somewhere different on your next holiday with our top 31 best non-tourist places to visit in Europe. It seems most people travelling Europe go to the tourist hot spots such as Rome, London, Venice, Santorini and many other popular cities

One of the best cities for architecture in Europe, Barcelona is a must visit on your European trip. What to see: La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Pavilion, Casa Batllo, Torre Agbar, Parc Guell 5 Why visit Europe in winter? As you will see in the places mentioned below, a pattern starts to emerge. All of these European cities during the winter months are cheaper, less crowded, and free of sweltering 35+ degree weather, making it a great time of year to visit The Berlin Wall: Then and Now. 6. RIGA, Latvia. The Baltic countries are ones that you don't often hear much about (at least in comparison to the rest of the countries in Western Europe). But these historic countries all have really cool capital cities. And, so far, my favorite is Riga, the capital of Latvia If you are looking to visit less well known or more off the beaten path places on your next trip to Europe, read on for the most beautiful overlooked and underrated cities in Europe that are worth a visit

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Keri from Little City Trips: one of the best places to visit with kids in Europe is beautiful Barcelona. Located on the Spanish coast and full of cultural attractions, Barcelona is a great city for families since it offers both opportunities for outside play as well as traditional sightseeing Similar Medieval Cities: While there aren't many authentic thatched roof villages from the Middle Ages remaining in Europe there are a few great open-air museum villages you can visit. Among them is the Celtic village in Hallein Austria ( website ), the Skanzen Village in Hungary ( website ), Frilandsmuseet in Denmark ( website ), and the Highland Folk Museum in Scotland ( website ) If you're feeling a little uneasy about whether a city is safe to visit or not, then fear no more because Europe is full of cities that offer you some peace of mind and great travel experience. From Nordic countries such as Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, to the everlasting fun you'll have in Prague or Dublin, safety is never an issue Amsterdam is one of Europe's most visited cities and for good reason. Once known as the weed capital of the world (California's legalisation and those that followed suit has kinda dulled it down), Amsterdam has a lively appeal that attracts young travellers with magnetic force Home » Destinations » Europe » 20 Hidden Europe Gems You Need to Visit in 2021. Updated: 28th November 2019. This website uses affiliate links which may earn a commission for purchases made at no additional cost to you

If you are looking for an awesome city to visit in East Europe, Tallinn should definitely be on your list. Sarajavo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Old Town of Sarajevo contributed by Betsy of Passing Thr Read more: The Best Castles to Visit in Europe. 10. Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is by far one of my all time favourite cities in Europe and has been for the past five years of periodical visits

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  1. Another fantastic place to spend winter in Europe is this Polish City. Krakow is one of the best-preserved cities in Europe because it was amazingly spared destruction in WWII. The city lies in Southern Poland and has an amazing medieval core and Jewish quarter. The central point of the city is the massive Ryenk Glówny (market square)
  2. From Montenegro's rugged landscapes to sun-drenched beaches in Portugal, the list of places to visit in Europe is endless. Be it England or Italy, European countries are full of unique travel attractions like stunning castles, royal museums, riverfront restaurants, cobblestone streets, and more
  3. 1 /11 The best European cities to visit in 2019. The best European cities to visit in 2019. This is the year to hit Minsk, Rotterdam and Venice. The best European cities to visit in 2019. The.
  4. Barcelona is packed with things to see and is a must-visit destination in Europe. When visiting be sure to explore the architecture designed by Antoni Gaudí, such as Park Güell, Casa Batlló and the Sagrada Família, shop along the famous La Rambla highstreet, and enjoy lots of delicious Spanish Cuisine such as Tapas and Paella
  5. Vienna is, with Paris, Rome, Bruges and Prague, one of the European capitals of love. Perfect destination for lovers, Vienna is also an ideal destination for families as it is one of the safest destinations in Europe. Vienna is history with a capital H, gastronomy, wine, organic and local markets
  6. Traveling to Europe in the fall often means fewer crowds, shorter lines, idyllic weather and better deals - along with spectacular displays of autumn foliage. Many feel that it's really the very best time of year to go. If you're thinking about heading to Europe, these cities are some of the best to explore in [
  7. Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Take one of the old yellow trams and see the center pass by. Go past the main attractions. Visit Torre de Belém, the Monastery of Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos, and the oldest district of Lisbon, Alfama. Stop in the oldest bookstore in the world, Bertrand

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The best place to spot them is arguably Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe. It's located in Lisse. Amsterdam is one of the best cities to visit in the Netherlands. Despite its somewhat seedy reputation, this canal-laden spot is beautiful and filled with impressive museums (40, to be exact) Any Best Cities to Visit in Europe list would always be incomplete without Paris in it. And I mean always. Because Paris is simply one of the best cities in Europe, and probably the whole world. Paris is beautiful (whatever season), rich in culture, has stunning architecture, sophisticated avenues—the list goes on Athens. #7 in Best Cheap European Vacations. If you're a foodie on a budget, Athens should be at the top of your European itinerary. Here, you can find delicious meals of Greek salad, fresh. A European city-break in September will always be much more rewarding and tranquil, and you won't break the bank for it. You might also like: The best places (in Europe) to visit in January 2020. The best places to visit in February 2020 in Europe. The best places to visit in March 2020 in Europe Make sure to visit some of the nearby islands, too; St George and Our Lady of the Rocks, which houses a quaint little church that has been there for over 500 years. Prices are cheaper than other destinations than the likes of Greece and Spain, so you'll save a few pennies, too. Read more: Cities in Europe to visit. 8.) Lednice-Valtice, Czechi

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  1. Visit the Slovakian National Museum and Transport Museum for free, on every 1 st Sunday of the month. In summer, check out free film screenings at Bratislava's beach. You'll only need to buy the drinks! Go from Bratislava to popular cheap cities. Jump on a regional train at Bratislava Hlavna Stanica to Wien HBF (reservations are not required)
  2. Read: How we covered 3 European cities in 20 euros per day. Free walking tours in Europe are gaining in popularity and they are a fantastic way to find your bearings in a new city. But don't be fooled by the word 'free'. You are definitely expected to tip your tour guide, and in keeping with general standards
  3. Rome has always been a popular city to visit in southern Europe, and for good reason! The capital of Italy is ancient, dating back over 2800 years. With its rich history, this city is no shortage of any majestic landmarks
  4. g with cities everyone should visit. But where does a penny-pinching, adventure-seeking twentysomething even begin when it comes to traveling Europe? The big players -- London, Paris, Amsterdam -- are great
  5. Final Thoughts on the Cheapest European Cities to Visit. If you are after the cheapest destination in Europe, this doesn't mean that you will have to compromise the quality of your trip. Although it is generally an expensive continent, Europe actually has plenty of amazing cities to visit that are wallet-friendly
  6. There is a high level of unrest in the world today with crime rates soaring in some of the major cities throughout Europe. Travelers who are making plans to visit any European cities must take care to learn about the areas they're planning to go in advance of setting their itineraries
  7. ic's Fair recently, which meant even more foodie options to enjoy

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  1. Budapest is not only one of the best cities to visit in Eastern Europe, but probably in the whole world. First of all, Budapest is a big city, yet green and with a rather calm atmosphere for its size
  2. Founded in the 5th century AD, Kiev is one of Eastern Europe's oldest cities, and was the center of the federation of Kievan Rus'. There are plenty of places to soak up the history, like at the Pechersk Lavra complex - an important Orthodox Christian church - as well as the Saint Sophia Cathedral, with its breathtaking interiors and golden domes
  3. Much reckoned to be the Christmas Capital, it is a strict no no to miss out on exploring the 400 years old Christmas markets that makes Strasbourg one of the best European cities for Christmas. Must-have experiences: Visit the city centre of Place Broglie, explore the Christmas Markets at the Cathedral Square, admire the giant Christmas tree near Sharing Village, and more
  4. Some European cities are particularly worth visiting this year. In some cases, it's due to celebrations to mark special occasions. For others, it's because of the fresh air brought by exciting new.
  5. With 44 countries to choose from in Europe, the below list is the top 10 counties to visit in Europe according to Bucket List Traveler. 10) Ukraine. Not often traveled to or considered by the average traveler, Ukraine boasts black sea resorts and beautiful cities such as Kiev

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Looking for fun places to go with kids in Europe? Disneyland Paris might be tempting, but if it's a vacation that you want the *whole* family to enjoy (aka you!), then consider a city break in one of these family-friendly cities.. The great thing about Europe is how easy it is to travel around, so you could visit two or more of these top family spots in the one vacation But cities your parents would like are not the same as those that appeal to your child making their first visit to Europe. Virtually every destination on this list is cheap and well-connected, with a mixture of culture and the kinds of activities young people are interested in: a vibrant social scene, an accessible food and drink culture and enough activities to keep you busy for a few days Europe is a wonderland of green fields, lush mountains, blue seas and so much more. It's also a very family friendly destination with many of the best cities to travel in Europe with kids! The transport is easy and generally language is communicable. You can also visit Europe all year round - here is a great post about when to visit Europe However, Europe is a destination that many choose, and it is actually the second most popular international destination, especially for North Americans. We have one simple tip though: Do not overlook the many cities in Europe that are gems and that fly under the radar 18 Beautiful European Cities You Can Actually Afford to Visit Right Now. Here are the 18 European cities they recommend to anyone who'd rather pocket a euro than spend it

1 /10 Best second cities in Europe to visit in 2021. Best second cities in Europe to visit in 2021. The Neue Zollhof is a fine example of Frank Gehry's work. Getty/iStock Top Places to Visit in Croatia: Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice Lakes, Dalmatian Coast #7 GEORGIA. Recently famous in the travel circuits for the stunning mountain landscapes, cute hill perched villages and friendly locals, this country is very much at the top of my cheapest countries to visit in Europe list for 2019

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  1. These are the 9 coolest European cities to visit in 2020 Porto, Portugal. Located in northwest Portugal, the coastal city of Porto is renowned for its riverside district filled... Palermo, Italy. By now, you already know that Italy is famed for its cuisine, breathtaking architecture, and dazzling....
  2. The archipelago of biospheres and marine reserves has also been a quiet paragon of sustainable tourism, a sort of European answer to Costa Rica. There are ferries and small planes to islands such as Faial, Pico and São Jorge, but most of the action happens on Sao Miguel, which is well stocked with good places to stay
  3. Bask in the splendor and romance of central Europe's intriguing cities. Classical sights and sounds lure travelers to the culture, history and heritage at the center of celebrated imperial rule. Balance sightseeing with relaxing leisure time. Explore cultural legacies and emotionally stirring sites

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visit the impressive cathedral in the cities heart; Giralda Tower; Real Alcazar of Seville (Europe's oldest Royal residence) Plaza de España(this is where they filmed partially Star Wars) Try Tapas and have a cold caña (beer Mostar is one of the lesser-known gems of the Balkan region and one of the best European cities to visit in the summer. It's the fifth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and stretches along the Neretva River. It's relatively close to Dubrovnik, which means it will only take you around 2 ½ hours either by train or car

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15 Upcoming European Cities You Have to Visit Now before Everywhere Else 1. Utrecht, Netherlands. While Amsterdam is still the choice city for individuals looking to visit the Netherlands,... 2. Edinburgh, United Kingdom. London is always the association made when one says they are going on a. One of the most beautiful northern destinations in Europe is Copenhagen. A highlight of this city is the Nyhavn which is a canal with wonderful colourful architecture, docked boats and a lively atmosphere. As well as the Nyhavn you'll also find plenty of other great spots for getting photographs throughout the city Here is a list of the European cities that are always overcrowded and therefore overpriced, and the underrated cities that are worth exploring and sure to steal your heart as well. 30 Underrated: Heidelberg, German However, in some European cities, monuments have been perfectly preserved and attract millions of tourists who visit to admire the ancient medieval architecture. 15. Delft, Netherlands A panorama of the old buildings of Delft

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Leuven is a typical student city with more than 1000 international students coming every year. The prices of accommodation are average like in some other countries like Italy or Spain. Thanks to its great location, you can visit many other European cities as well (London, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc.) 25 Best Places to Visit in Europe 1. Rome. The ancient Romans established outposts as far away as Great Britain. They didn't ignore their home city,... 2. Paris. Songs laud Paris in the springtime, but any time of year is a good time to visit this riveting city on the... 3. Santorini. When it's time. Few small cities in Europe pack a cultural punch like Wroclaw. This western Polish city, on the banks of the Oder river, served as European Capital of Culture in 2016 and has plenty of attractions.. Also, visit the delightful St Basil's Cathedral on Red Square for a multi-coloured experience that you certainly won't forget. Moscow is, without a doubt one of the most beautiful European cities to visit. Barcelona, Spain . Barcelona is a classic, but when it comes to beautiful cities in Europe, you just can't forget it The Most Fun Cities in Europe So without further ado, drumroll please...taking the crown as the most fun city in Europe is London, which ranked in the number 1 spot on our European Fun Index with a score of 104

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Europe is known for its busy, culture-driven cities like Rome and Paris. But between all the landmarks and selfie-taking tourists, you'll find literally hundreds of charming little towns with.. From Morocco to Monaco, Spain to Turkey, here are some of the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations you really need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Santorini, Greece Famous for its white-washed houses that stand out against the brightly coloured volcanic cliffs that shape the island, Santorini is one of the most picture-perfect Greek islands There you can discover the Philopappou monument, handmade cobbled roads and the church of Ayios Demetrios Loumbardiaris, a 16th-century basilica with great murals. Visit Anafiotika, an island in the centre of Athens. Anafiotika is located in the upper area Plaka, just under the Acropolis These European cities are the best to live in — and to visit! Europe's Most Livable Cities Each year, two global surveys, Mercer's Quality of Living Survey and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Liveability Index, measure metrics such as crime rates, healthcare, infrastructure, quality of water, levels of corruption, culture and education, down to availability of sporting facilities and. Europe has no shortage of natural beauty, but we'll admit it's the cities that keep us coming back to the continent again and again.These European hubs—all with a population of 100,000 or more.

32 best scenic train journeys in Europe that will inspire youEver Heard of Essen?Refugees Hang Back in Tent City, Fearing Detention | Al60 Pictures Of Famous Statues In The World – The WoW Style8 Amazing Places To Visit In Sicily, Italy | Travelholicq

To Visit in Europe Stockholm, Sweden. If you see just one city in Sweden, make it Stockholm. The cultural, political, and economic center... London, England. From the royal family to the iconic phone booths of yesteryear, London is a land that perfectly pairs... Barcelona, Spain. From hilltops to. While tourists coming to Europe often seem to overlook Madrid (especially compared to the highly popular Barcelona), it is one of my favorite European cities which you certainly shouldn't miss! Sure, you won't find the famous Sagrada Familia and beaches in Madrid - however, the city is much more authentic and much less overcrowded than Barcelona and therefore my favorite place in Spain So that's my list of the Most Amazing Places to Visit in Europe, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I will! Have you got a favourite city, or a story about any of the above? Please share them with me! I love hearing about peoples adventures in beautiful cities, especially when they are in the most amazing places to visit in Europe Stockholm is one of the most family friendly European cities and the perfect place to visit with children with a great mix of indoor and outdoor activities. The city has some lovely green spaces for kids to run around in while the outdoor living history museum with nordic zoo is a great place to learn more about Sweden's rich heritage

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