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Speed Limit. The speed limit for such a blind intersection is 15 mph. What should you do in a Blind Intersection? In such a scenario, you should inch forward slowly until you can see clearly to cross the intersection. Once clear, you can continue as normal. However, by crossing slowly, you can quickly stop if another car comes into the intersection The maximum speed limit at a blind intersection is? 15 MPH. When crossing an uncontrolled blind intersection that is not controlled what is the speed limit? 15 At A Blind Intersection What Is The Speed Limit By . blinds. Thursday, 19 March 2020 Add Comment Edit. Https Arxiv Org Pdf 1803 00471 مقامات Makamat On Twitter Mkamat S Quick Guide To Speed Limits In The Philippines Autodea

Speed Limit In Blind Intersection By . blinds. Friday, 13 March 2020 Add Comment Edit. Ppt Safe Driving Rules And Regulations Powerpoint Presentation Figure 8 From Autonomous Predictive Driving For Blind Ppt Chapter 4 Safe Driving Powerpoint Presentation Fre If you meant uncontrolled intersection......a three or four way intersection with NO SIGNS for anyone, then I would suggest you slow down to about 10 mph, covering your brake, scan well and you.. The speed limit at a blind intersection is 15 mph. DMV Practice Permit Test Study Guide You can find everything you need to pass your Learner's Permit or Driver's License test that includes more than driving test 500+ questions. Free and unlimited practice tests questions and answers 37+ Speed Limit Blind Intersection Images. This speed limit applies at a safety zone or an intersection where a streetcar, trolley, or bus is stopped and traffic is controlled by a peace officer or traffic signal light. Community experts online right now. Speed Limit 20 Sign | Hit My Kid Or Dog Because You Were Speeding, SKU: K-9996 from images. The speed limit for blind intersection where there is no stop sign & you can't see for 100 feet is 15 mph. http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/hdbk/speed_limits.htm#blind_inter. dmv.ca.gov. The speed limit for blind intersection

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Motorists must drive slower when approaching and entering a blind intersection, as they may not be able to see conflicting traffic approaching from other directions. In California, the speed limit when approaching a blind intersection is set at 15 mph. Similar speeds limits will apply in your state, as detailed in the driving handbook. Alley blind intersections (15 mph) alleyways (15 mph) residential districts (25 mph) schools (25 mph, when children are present

The speed limit in any alley is 15 mph. Blind Intersections: The speed limit for a blind intersection is 15 mph. An intersection is considered blind if there are no stop signs at any corner and you cannot see for 100 feet in either direction during the last 100 feet before crossing In California, it's 15 mph - per the California Vehicle Code, in the last 100 feet approaching an uncontrolled intersection, where the driver does not have a clear and unobstructed view of the intersection and of any traffic entering the intersection The maximum speed limit on most California highways is 65 mph. Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit is 55 mph on two-lane undivided highways and for vehicles towing trailers. The California Vehicle Code (CVC) also sets the following statutory speed limits: 15 mph in alleys, at blind intersections and at blind railroad crossings

(b) Twenty-five miles per hour: (1) On any highway other than a state highway, in any business or residence district unless a different speed is determined by local authority under procedures set forth in this code Slow to 15 mph for a blind intersection. However, you may drive as fast as the posted speed limit if YIELD or STOP signs on the side streets give you the right-of-way. • The speed limit in an alley is 15 mph. Near railroad tracks

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South Dakota Speed Limit - Residential Areas. The maximum speed limit on residential roads in South Dakota is 45 miles per hour. Residential roads have the most potential for speed-based accidents and collisions, so residential districts tend to have the lowest speed limits with the most strict enforcement policies You are driving an aerial ladder 10 mph below the posted speed limit, due to the weather conditions. As you drive down the road, you come to a known hazardous multi-lane intersection

NCDOT looks at several criteria when setting speed limits, including the alignment of the roadway, sight distance, the average speed of traffic, crash history and development along the road. For any sign to be effective, it must command the respect of motorists. That means speed limits must be reasonable and enforced Blind intersection: you must approach a blind intersection, where you cannot see 100 feet in either direction within 100 feet before crossing, at 15 mph or less to be able to stop if needed. [19] Passing a streetcar, trolley or bus, if it is stopped and traffic is controlled by a police officer or traffic signal, your passing speed limit is 10 mph. [19 All regulatory devices on the road instruct you: to stop, proceed in a certain direction, or limit your speed. In California, the speed limit for a blind intersection is. 15 mph. A center lane between lanes of traffic traveling in opposite directions may be designated for: left turns only. If you plan to turn beyond an intersection, you must.

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811.804 Intersection rules for funeral processions 811.806 Exceeding maximum speed for funeral procession; penalty 811.808 Exemption from speed limits for funeral escort vehicle 811.810 Disrupting funeral procession; penalty 811.812 Free passage for funeral procession vehi-cles Title 59 Page 4 (2019 Edition 15 mph is the standard speed limit BUT the driver may need to slow down to a lesser speed depending on the conditions. 1 0. Am0s. Lv 7. 5 years ago. As slow as safety requires. If you can't see the intersection you may even treat it as a stop especially if you are exiting from the blind intersection onto a cross road. The speed limit for a blind intersection is 15 mph. An intersection is considered blind if there are no stop signs on any corner and you cannot see for 100 feet in either direction during the last 100 feet before crossing Speed Limit Blind Intersection | Pleasant for you to my personal web site, within this occasion We'll explain to you with regards to Speed Limit Blind Intersection. And now, this can be the first picture: ads/wallp.txt. Think about picture earlier mentioned? can be that awesome???. if you believe thus, I'l t explain to you a number of picture once again underneath Speed Limit Recommendation in Vicinity of Signalized, High-Speed Intersection Anuj Sharma, Ph.D. Zifeng Wu Assistant Professor Graduate Research Assistant Department of Civil Engineering Department of Civil Engineering University of Nebraska-Lincoln University of Nebraska-Lincoln Shefang Wang Laurence R. Rilett, Ph.D., P.E

★ Posted Speed Limit 2 - Defensive Driving, Traffic School, Drivers Ed Test Answers Question: The maximum speed limit at a blind intersection is ____. A.) 25 MPH B.) 20 MPH C.) 15 MPH D.) 10 MPH E.) 30 MPH. Get the Correct ANSWER. When two cars arrive at an intersection at the sam The combination of the speed camera and the lower speed limit is one that in others location raises a lot of revenue and will probably do the same at Rosanna Road and Darebin Street, Heidelberg. Probably a common mistake people make is thinking they are in the intersection if the front of the car is over the stop line. They aren't Because speed limits are enforceable laws, they are set by elected officials. At the state level, RCW 46.61.400 defines the speed limits for city streets at 25 mph, county roads at 50 mph and. US Speed Limits Map. With the lowest speed limit out of all 50 states, Washington DC has a maximum lawful speed limit of just 55mph. Whereas the fastest speed limit in the US is currently held by Texas with 85mph being the highest speed limit you can legally go within the state Canadian speed limits are set by different levels of government (federal, provincial, and municipal), depending on the jurisdiction under which the road falls, resulting in differences from province to province. The limits have been posted in kilometres per hour (km/h) since September 1, 1977.Before then, when Canada used Imperial units, speed limits were in miles per hour (mph)

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Driving below the posted speed limit in ideal conditions can also be dangerous. Studies show that a vehicle moving at a speed considerably below the posted limit is much more likely to cause or be involved in a crash than a vehicle moving at a normal speed. Rules of the Road 47 2 Yellow indicates reaction distance. Red indicates braking. Signs, Signals, and Road Markings. Traffic controls are markers, signs, and signal devices used to inform, guide, and regulate the movement of motor vehicles on the road. These help to make driving a safer and more satisfying experience for all road users. Traffic controls serve one of the four purposes

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  1. 50 km/h. The default speed limit for Victoria's roads in built-up areas is 50 km/h and applies on all roads in suburban areas where there are no speed limit signs displayed. As high pedestrian and cyclist activity occurs in built-up areas, you should consider travelling at a speed well below the maximum speed limit
  2. ate any future insurance hikes, DMV points and traffic school. Fight My Ticket Now
  3. Private scooters will remain illegal. Earlier this week, the government revealed that the speed limit would be 15.5mph (25km/h), and that users would need a driving licence to take part. Eleanor.
  4. ing when the traffic signal changes. Therefore, the number of approaches to an intersection and the geometric configuration affects the difficulty of crossing
  5. Driving 10 mph over or under the speed limit, From the corner of the intersection if there is no limit line. You stop without the front-most part of the vehicle: You check the blind spot by looking over your right or left shoulder before merging into the bike lane or center left turn lane

› Check blind spots. Step 2: Move left into the passing lane. › Move left completely into the passing lane. › Increase speed, but not over the speed limit. › Signal return to the right lane. › Check your blind spot on the right before moving Step 3: Complete the pass. › Move right. › Cancel the signal. › Maintain proper speed 5. Check your blind spot by looking back over your left shoulder. 6. Move left gradually. 7. Accelerate (You are not permitted to exceed the posted speed limit). BLIND SPOT BLIND SPOT Do not attempt to pass a vehicle on a curve or hill. Keep to your own side of the life line We have a very unsafe intersection at U.S. Highway 93 and Montana Highway 38. Please reduce the speed limit south of Hamilton including the single-lane, blind curve, narrow bridge crossing the. below the speed limit, of a vehicle's blind spots. Use proper lights and reflectors when riding after dark. 4. can make the turn before the cyclist reaches the intersection. • Bicyclists change speed and lane position when encountering bad road conditions,. Maintain a speed that is compatible with existing traffic, weather or road conditions. Do not exceed the posted speed limit. Keep your vehicle centered in the proper lane. Leave a safe space to the front and side of your vehicle. Changing lanes. Do not change lanes while you are in an intersection

www.instagram.co Speed Reduction signs may be installed in advance of a speed reduction of 10 mph or less from the posted speed limit based on engineering judgement. 903.6.31 Merge Signs (W4-1, W4-5) ( MUTCD Section 2C.40 Figure 3-2: Severity of injury crashes at intersections in New Zealand by speed limit Figure 3-3: Intersection crashes by severity and speed environment Figure 3-4: DSI casualty ratios at intersections Figure 3-5: F&S urban (≤70km/h) intersection crashes and casualties by crash movement type (2006-2010

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  1. g from aircraft. 46.61.480: Deter
  2. The speed limit at a dangerous intersection where two doctors were this a similar blind eye will be turned to the new 50kmh out for consultation to lower the nearby speed limits
  3. VSL was introduced to increase the observance of the speed limits in the intersection, improve the traffic safety and the accessibility. The speed limit through the inter¬section was 90 km/h before, but with variable speed signs it can be set to 70 km/h when a vehicle is turning either from the side road to the main road or vice versa
  4. INTERSECTION CRASHES ROAD SAFETY STRATEGY In 2008, the State Government released its 12-year road safety strategy, Towards Zero.Towards Zero set out the ambitious target of 11,000 fewer people killed or seriously injured (KSI) by 2020, which is a 40% reductio
  5. The fine for traveling 10-14 miles per hour over the speed limit is $100, and, once again, additional assessments and fees will add about $100. The simple solution—just drive the speed limit! It is safer and much less expensive. (s.318.18, F.S.) Approximately 30% of fatal crashes involve speeding
  6. Speed Limits What are the speed limits? There are 3 major types of speed limits: Speed limits shown on signs These vary from 10km/h up to 110km/h. Times when limits apply can be shown on signs (e.g. school zones), or the signs can apply for an area (e.g. area speed limits). Speed limits that apply [
  7. And so, pedestrians only have 22 feet, an island, and another 22 feet to cross. As previously discussed, the roundabout geometry requires the driver to slow down to 20 miles per hour or less. However, with a signalized intersection the driver can travel at the speed limit (25 mph), or even exceed it

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78 percent of submissions expressed opposition to the speed limit change at Vinces Saddle and 22 percent supported it. At Sandfly Road intersection, 64 percent of submissions opposed the speed limit and 36 percent supported. A breakdown of the submissions for the two sections of highway are in this report. For both section The configurable speed limiter limits driving speed to a value set by the driver within the speed range of 30 to 250 km/h (18.6 to 155.3 mph) - which is very helpful within city limits or construction zones, for example intersection to see if it's clear before you proceed. • See - observation hazard perception • Think - assess the risk - choose a solution • Do - speed control - steering - space margins - communication • Using see‑think ‑do blind spots at the front and at the back, as well as the two large blind spots on the sides For example, motorcyclists often weave in and out of lanes to avoid getting caught in the blind spots of the cars This website is designed to get you up to speed on motorcyclists' behaviors and what vehicle drivers can do to keep the roads There are things you can do to better your odds of avoiding a crash at an intersection speed limit for that part of the highway. State laws may also allow such authorities to specify different speed limits on all or selected highways (or portions thereof) either for various times of the day or for various types of vehicles (e.g., trucks). Speed limits established under these laws are not effective until appropriate speed limit.

Erin Buchanan, public information officer with the Department of Transportation and Development, said safety features already in place at the intersection include a 25 mph speed limit and a. 2011 Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD) - Revision 2. The Texas Transportation Commission approved the minute order adopting Revision 2 of the 2011 TMUTCD on Sept. 18, 2014 11 June 2020. This is advanced notice of speed limit changes that will take effect within the next two weeks. Speed limits will not change until the new speed limit signs are installed. Please ensure that you always observe the posted speed limit signs on the road

When approaching a pedestrian crossing, drive at a speed that would enable you to stop safely. When turning at any intersection (except a roundabout), you must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road you are entering. At roundabouts be aware of pedestrians needing to cross, slow down and give them the space and time they need With the exception of temporary construction or emergency speed zones orders, all speed zones on interstate highways in Oregon (I-5, I-82, I-84, I-105, I-205 and I-405) are set by statute (ORS 811.111) at 65 or 70 mph for passenger cars, unless otherwise directed by OAR 734-020-0011 .A recommendation for setting speed limits on interstate highways in Oregon can be found in speed limit in business and residential districts and the 25 MPH limit in school zones when children are present. An unreasonable speed limit, which is called a speed trap, may not be established. The Legislature has declared a strong public policy against the use of speed traps Current news and events from Transport for NSW. Media releases. Minister for Roads and Freight media releases (Ministerial

In California, the speed limit through any uncontrolled intersection (no stop signs, no stop lights, no yield signs, etc.) is 15 miles per hour. If you have a green light on a roadway with a 45 mph limit, you can legally proceed through the intersection on said green light at 45 mph (see edit below for a caveat) At a blind intersection, what is the speed limit? 10 mph 15 mph 25 mph 35 mph. Log in for more information. Question. Asked 8/7/2016 11:11:41 AM. Updated 8/7/2016 10:16:36 PM. 0 Answers/Comments. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful Pedestrian Program - Pedestrian Law. RCW 46.04.160 Crosswalk. Crosswalk means the portion of the roadway between the intersection area and a prolongation or speed limit approaching blind unmarked intersection speed limit approaching blind unmarked intersection Chapter 7-4 - Regulation of Vehicles, This is about how intersection hazards and split speed limits (80-90-10 km/h), inadequate road markings and signage can trap careless drivers

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  1. If the speed limit on residential streets is lowered more than the prima facie limit, drivers will ignore it and will continue to drive at a speed they feel is safe and reasonable. Other prima facie speed limits include the 25-mph speed limit in a business district, 25-mph in school zones when children are present, and 15-mph in alleys
  2. You must obey the speed limits posted on the signs, as these limits ensure the safety of workers and other motorists. Even if you cannot see any activity in a construction zone, you should reduce your speed to the posted limit because other hazards - like gravel chips and uneven pavement - may be present and cause damage to your vehicle if you are travelling at high speeds
  3. imum speed.

Footnotes. Footnote 1 In Hawaii, the maximum speed limit is established by county ordinance or by the director of transportation. ↩. Footnote 2 In Idaho, the speed limit may be increased to 80 mph on specific segments of highway on the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation. ↩. Footnote 3 The Illinois law allows Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, Madison, McHenry, St. Clair and Will. Blind people often use noises to guide them. They may be listening for the sound of your engine when you are stopped at an intersection, to let them know the precise location of the crosswalk. Make sure you stop in the right place, at the limit line or before the first line of the crosswalk Using cellular automata model, we numerically study the traffic characteristics and the probability P ac of car accidents to occur at the intersection of two roads under open boundary conditions. Beside the free flow (phase I), jamming phase (phas Excessive speed is neither allowable by law nor advisable in passing. The driver should only pass if it can be done within the legal speed limits. You should look over your shoulder to check your blind spots and should use all mirrors available to you before starting the pass Georgia Speed Limit - Urban Freeways . The maximum speed limit on urban freeways and interstates in Georgia is 65 miles per hour. Urban freeways are the segments of large highways that are located within a city or densely populated area's limits, and are generally more prone to traffic congestion and other hazards

If a speed limit sign changes the speed limit, and it is 200 feet after the intersection or closer, start the new speed limit AT the intersection. Speed Limit Sign Location. Look for speed limit signs at the beginning and end of each speed zone, and every 1/2 mile or closer, though some of these signs might be missing in rural areas Speed limit (SL) data is part of each segment's details and is added from the Waze Map Editor. This speed limit is used by the client app to display the Wazer's speed relative to the speed limit, and alert the Wazer when they exceed the speed limit designated on the Waze map by a threshold set in the app Highway Between Speed Limit (km/h) TORONTO MUNICIPAL CODE CHAPTER 950 SCHEDULE XXXV: SPEED LIMITS ON PUBLIC HIGHWAYS Aerodrome Crescent Vanderhoof Avenue (west intersection) and Vanderhoof Avenue (east intersection) 40 Aileen Avenue Keele Street and Silverthorn Avenue 40 Ainsdale Road Guild Hall Drive (west intersection) and Tweed Crescent 4 I propose a 10 mph decrease in the speed limit at minimum. Option 3. Longer distance that vehicles must stop before intersection when in turning lanes. Pro - Significant decrease to blind spots, reduction in accident occurrence. Con - Increased traffic, irritable drivers Fines for driving over the speed limit; How much over the speed limit: Fine per km/h over the speed limit: Less than 20 km/h: $3: 20 to less than 30 km/h: $4.50: 30 to less than 50 km/h: $7: 50 km/h or more: $9.7

BLIND INTERSECTION SOUND HORN PROCEED WITH CAUTION440mm in diameter.Tough .6mm anti-slip overlaminate.Self adhesive sticks to clean, dry surfaces On the form, you will indicates how many times in the three months before the road test you have driven on a freeway and/or a highway with a speed limit of at least 80 km/h. You are required to indicate what was the average length of these trips (for example, under 5 kilometres, between 5 and 15 kilometres, over 15 kilometres) School Zone Speed Limits If you are driving near a school, you must slow down to the lower, posted speed limit for the school zone. Common hours for school zone speed limits are 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, local authorities may also establish lower speed limits for school zones whenever children are present. Highway. Just days after a speed limit reduction was imposed, a motorcyclist was killed at the notorious highway intersection blackspot at Houston Mitchell Drive

The Speed Limit XX Except Where Posted sign may be used on all state highways and outer roads except the Interstate system. 903.5.10 Location of Speed Limit Signs. Standard. Speed Limit (R2-1) signs, indicating speed limits for which posting is required by law, shall be located at the points of change from one speed limit to another Setting speed limits Setting speed limits is a technical science backed by many years of research and experience on what works and doesn't work to keep traffic safely moving. We often hear from citizens who feel that a change in the posted speed limit will help improve safety on a specific highway. Safety is always ou Philippine roads are subject to laws that limit the speed of cars, but unfortunately, not everyone is aware of them and speed limit signs aren't always available. That's why we made this article as a guide when you're not sure how fast can you go on an unmarked street The intersection of Habersham Trace and Nuckols Road is extremely dangerous for school bus drivers, children, handicapped residents, and others due to the lack of a traffic control solution that includes a safe ADA pedestrian crosswalk along with the increased traffic flow, high rates of speed, and the number of residents (handicapped, elderly, children, and non-handicapped) that use the newly.

entering the intersection, No matter what the posted speed limit, you must judge the situation and slow down when necessary for safety. Mi. Per Hr. Ft. Per Sec. 20 30 30 40 50 60 70 45 60 75 90 105 45 68 90 113 135 158 22 50 89 139 200 272 (67 Ft.) (118 Ft.) (179 Ft.) (252 Ft.) (335 Ft.) (430 Ft.) • The pedestrian is a blind person. The electronic sign will then flash, reducing the legal speed limit for vehicles on the State Highway from 100km/h to 60 or 70km/h. If there are no vehicles waiting or approaching on the side roads, then the sign is switched off and speed limit of 100km/h doesn't change. How do Intersection Speed Zones work 3.1 Speed zoning and speed limits: Speed limits that take into account the function of the road and its environment are a fundamental tool for speed management. Urban and rural settings, which have a different mix of traffic, require different approaches to achieve effective speed management. This section discusses ways t Maximum Deflection Angle Through Intersection (DM) Design Speed (mph) ≤ 20 25 30 35 40 45 16° 00' 11° 00' 8° 00' 6° 00' 5° 00' 3° 00' (1) Deflection angle used is not to cause a lane shift (W) of more than 6 feet from stop bar to stop bar. January 1, 2018 11. Topic. Speed Limit Signs These signs indicate the maximum or minimum safe speed that is allowed. The maximum limits are for ideal conditions and you must reduce your speed when conditions require it, such as when the roadway is slip-pery (during rain) or it is difficult to see clearly down the road (during fog). Some high speed

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The practical on-the-road DMV test is the last step before getting your driving license. Here are 15 silly mistakes that prevent you from passing your DMV test Speed. Maximum speed limits are posted on most of the roadways. Breaking the posted speed limit and driving faster than is safe for current conditions is dangerous and illegal. You must be able to control the speed of your vehicle at all times no matter what the weather condition or traffic situation is An altered speed limit adopted by a board of township trustees under this division becomes effective when appropriate traffic control devices, as prescribed in section 4511.11 of the Revised Code, giving notice thereof are erected at the location, which shall be no sooner than sixty days after adoption of the resolution

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Road name From To Local Government Area Current speed limit km/h New speed limit km/h Reason for change; George Street, Sydney: Hunter Street: Bathurst Street: Sydney: 40: 20: A 20 km/h limit is to be introduced to create a pedestrian-friendly environment around the light rail When a yellow light is on at high-speed signalized intersections (i. e., posted speed limit is 60 km/h or greater), one important question for drivers is the decision to go or stop. There is a zone, known as dilemma zone, on the intersection approach, where vehicles at the onset of yellow phase neither safely stop before the stop line nor proceed through the intersection by the start of red light

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Speed limits.. 14 3. Yellow traffic lights and stopping is important to safely use the intersection. Remember, when giving way at an intersection it applies to all road users, cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists, not just other motor vehicles In such a case of a motorist entering a street upon which the speed limit has been modified to something other than 50 km/h, in the absence of a posting of a speed limit indicating otherwise, a motorist must assume that the speed limit on the street being entered is 50 km/h until the point at which the modified speed limit is made known to motorists with the modified speed limit posting The MUTCD's W3 series of signs is for warning signs relating to advance traffic controls such as speed limits and signals. As all situations are not covered, several states have their own standards in addition to the MUTCD. The MUTCD provides options for graphic and text signs. Advance Traffic Contro

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Speed limit at notorious Brunswick East intersection may be slashed amid community pressure By Neelima Choahan Updated September 25, 2016 — 4.04pm first published September 24, 2016 — 3.38p Québec has three thaw zones, in which the start and end of the load restriction periods are slightly lagged over time. This division of Québec's territory into three zones was established by accounting for the geographical realities, the usual frost depth and the thaw trends in the different regions, the spring weather conditions and the traffic of heavy vehicles in the east-west axis Intersection Speed Enforcement. In 2017, the Oregon legislature passed amendments to state law allowing cities to enforce speeding violations of 11 MPH or more above the posted speed limit during the green and yellow phases at intersections The END Speed Limit sign (MR-RS-21 / R4-12) shall be used at the start point of a continuous section of road covered by the general rural speed limit where it is not practicable or desirable to indicate the speed li mit applying beyond the point by means of a Speed Restriction (R4-1) sign. This would be the case where the safe operating speed of the alignment beyond the start point is. Loads of blind or impatient drivers ignoring a temporary speed limit on the A47 at Acle, Norfolk

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The blind spot makes it a gauntlet Lou Kellie who suffered a concussion and memory loss after a crash at the notorious intersection in 2019 said speed was an speed limit and speed bumps. The new speed limit is in immediate effect after being published on Thursday in the Royal Gazette. The eight roads are: 1. Ratchasima Road from Suan Ruen intersection to Wang Daeng intersection 2. Ratchawithi Road from Apai Jesphuthit intersection to Krungthon Bridge 3

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